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11 million people out of work. i have lots to be thankful for. those on wall street doing quite well. >> frustrated this labor day with the economy. today president obama addresses that frustration with a new proposal he hopes will jump start the economy. an version is under way into voter fraud in prince george's count country. a sample ballot is being questioned mailed to voters. outside it is a beautiful day. what better to do than to get out and enjoy a labor day parade? we're going to have a live report telling you where you can hang out today. >> announcer: you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. good morning. welcome to "news4 midday."
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i'm eun yang. some are wrapping up their long weekend and marking the unofficial end of summer. several area towns are having parades and festivities. tracy wilkins joins us on this beautiful day. >> reporter: perfect day. and it's such a perfect day. we've got blue skies. eve got the clouds above us moving at just the right speed so we know there's no rain coming today. look at all the people behind us, hundreds of people who have lined up here for this labor di parade. folks who have been hanging out all weekend long. i'm telling you the word for today is fun. why not a little catch before the parade begins? the music to the parade with itself, like taking a trip back in time. >> it is small town. we have a lot of politicians that come for this and i'm sure
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there's going to be a lot this year since it's an election year. >> reporter: for years the green belt labor day weekend has been nonstop family fun. >> it's a great place to be. greatest place in the state of maryland to be. you see people you haven't seen in years. the weather is great. >> we come here every year. this year my daughter competed in the miss green belt pageant. we're here to support her. >> beyond the beauty contests, carnival rides and weekend-long activities, it's the idea of taking a break from the labor. >> it's just fun. you see people you haven't seen in five or ten years at the carnival and it's a lot of just fun family event. >> reporter: as i said, events have been going on all weekend long but the events are not over after the parade. they have stuff going on until
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6:00 p.m. most importantly, the carnival. but also vendors are out here. there will be a scavenger hunt for kids. if you make it in time for the parade, you'll see plenty of politicians out here trying to get out the vote. traditional labor day here in the washington area. live in green belt, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracy. taking a look outside right now, it is going to be just a great day to be out enjoying all the picnics and parades and parties. here's the first forecast. tom, great labor day holiday forecast. >> yes. couple of huge games going on, maryland/navy and virginia tech and boise state. i'll have the forecast in a couple of minutes. here is the live view from our sky watcher camera. you can see the potomac in the distance and off in the horizon is prince george's county. few clouds coming through, but overall lots of sunshine.
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77 at national airport. in the suburbs and around the beltway it's in the low to mid-70s there. cooler around the shenandoah valley and blue ridge, down in the 40s this morning around the bay it's near 80 degrees away from the water in the mid-70ss and upper 70ss now in southern virginia and the carolinas near 80. out of the mountains near 60 now with only in the low 40s there this morning, high pressure over the region. we have a weak low passing to the north that may bring in a few clouds this afternoon. but overall lots of sunshine with low humidity and a light wind. we'll reach the low to mid-80s. we'll look at the rest of the week and the forecast for the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. . >>. >> more than 40 horses are dead after a fire. it happened around 5:00 this morning. the stable is directly next to the property and some witnesses
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on the scene say several of the horses raced at the track. two people including a firefighter were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. decision 2010 is in full swing and the polls are open again at some locations in maryland despite the holiday. kimberly reports already there's controversy. allegations of voter fraud in prince george's county. >> reporter: if you live in prince george's county, this is the official ballot you'll receive from the board of elections. so why does this one say official democratic ballot? the maryland attorney general's office is investigating, and many candidates say -- there's something pure about a politician and his campaign staff giving drivers a wave, a smile and maybe a reason to vote. and creativity. a pledge was made to man until
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the primary election, includes sleeping on a cot outside overnight. it's hard work and could be so much easier if he had more money. >> the real problem is that people save a lot of money to be a part of these. >> reporter: you have to contribute money to join the 26 will districts team or slate which he is not on. >> if you're on the slate, you don't have to campaign. you can stay hole and wait. so no one knows exactly what your values are or goals for the job or the vision. nothing. you don't have to worry about it. just stay home. >> reporter: a slate of names gives voters a powerful impression, which is why campaign literature falsely clailing these candidates make up p the democratic slate is causing such a stir. >> it's disgusting, immoral. it's wrong, illegal. >> reporter: but the reason this bogus ballot may be illegal, it wasn't registered with the state. >> the literature was being passed out and the authority
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line comes back to a fictitious entity. there is no entity that put this out. there is no registered entity that put this out. so we're just going on is illegal. >> reporter: he calls it dirtily politics he wants no part of it. he seems satisfied to earn the vote the hard way. several of the candidates we talked to say only the attention to the primary in prince george's county is a good thing as long as it brings unconfused voters to the polls. jim graham will is is demanding an investigation into who sent out two anonymous robocalls to his constituents. he is running in the democratic primary for a fourth term.
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residents received two separate automated calls attacking his character and calling him immoral. graham says there are errors in the calls. several laws have been broken he says. >> they're illegal because they're anonymous mass telephone calls and they're very strict laws relating to identification of persons who send these calls because otherwise you can imagine what would be happening to every election in america. you just say whatever you please. no identification and walk away. >> both of graham's opponents have issued statements. jeff smith says, we want to make it clear that these calls are not associated with our campaign or any known supporter. brian weaver issued a similar statement saying, i can say 100% that these calls did not come from me, my campaign or anyone affiliated with my campaign. graham says d.c. police and the fbi are investigating. before voters even head to the poles for primaries in
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maryland one candidate for governor is already on the attack in a new campaign ad. >> today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. higher taxes, not enough jobs. >> former governor released the ad yesterday. it also shows a mother, small businessmen, and waterman asking for things like more aid for businesses and schools and more protections for the chesapeake bay. governor mark o'malley released a statement saying it's full of empty promises and false innuendo. many people are heading home from the long holiday weekend. steve is in for jerry and joins us with the latest on the roads. >> it's quiet. we'll start with 50 on the area around sandy point on the western end of the bay bridge now. both directions very light roe volume of traffic. traffic heading toward us back to the beach and lots of room to
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move so far. we're in good shape there. let's look at 95 on the left-hand side of your screen is traffic heading northbound back into town. you may also notice that the hov is moving northbound, going to continue to stay northbound for the rush hour so everybody can get home with a little more room. >> a reminder, plan ahead if you're riding the red line. right now many stops are closed. crews are making track repairs and upgrading cell phone communication access. free shuttle service is being offered. the transit agency says work is on pace to reopen the stations tomorrow morning. workers at select dmvs do not have the labor day off. they're trying to get through a backlog of applications for driver's licenseses and i.d.
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cards. a computer glitch stopped the picture process back on august 25th and no one could get a new card. today the alexandria, fair oekz, leesburg and woodbridge branches are open until noon. they'll also have extended hours next saturday and sunday to process applications. 11:11 is the time, 84 degrees. president obama is talking about the economy today. coming up, we'll have the latest on a new proposal to spend billions on the nation's roads, railways and airportses. plus, the latest tropical storm and where it's headed. a big day for college football in our area. we'll have
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." america is marking this labor day with some 11 million people out of work. president obama will take his economic message on the road to milwaukee this afternoon. tracie potts has more on his plan to create more jobs. >> reporter: this afternoon president obama spends labor day with union workers in milwaukee. he'll announce a new $50 billion plan to fix roads, rails and airports financed by rolling back oil and gas tax breaks paid for through a new permanent infrastructure bank. >> infrastructure projects that put construction workers, welders, electricians back to work and engineers and folks that have been unemployed for a long time. >> reporter: today and in
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cleveland wednesday the president will talk about the slow recovery and urge congress to approve 100 billion in tax breaks for small business. >> truly what the bottom line is, small business are the engine of growth. government doesn't create the jobs. all we do is help train people for those jobs. >> reporter: union leaders say what's traditionally been a day of celebration has become a day of frustration for many. >> 11 million people out of work have less to be thankful for than those on wall street who are doing quite well. >> reporter: unemployment creeped up to 9.6% friday, jobs are being created but not nearly fast enough to employ the millions left jobless in this recession. the unemployment rate could have a big impact on november's elections. democrats are fighting to maintain control, hammered by republicans who blame them for joblessness in america. also this week, president obama holds a rare news conference where undoubtedly jobs and the economy will be the number one
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issue. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. while president obama is in wisconsin, vice president joe biden will travel to ohio today. he is scheduled to be in toledo's annual labor day parade, the vice president's second trip to the city in two weeks. august 23rd he toured chrysler' this week, recovery from the gulf oil disaster will take on two new phases. federal investigators will inspect a failed blowout preventer. over the weekend, engineers hoisted the five-story 300-ton device from the ocean floor. it could play a key role into what caused april's massive oil spill. meanwhile, final preparations will start this week for a bottom kill at the leak site. we explain the process. >> reporter: labor day will be the start of major work at the site of the nation's worst environmental disaster. >> we should be ready to move forward with the relief well sometime this next week.
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>> reporter: the permanent plugging of the welcomes as officials say the danger of another leak goes away. >> if this well does not constitute a threat to the gulf of mexico at this point. >> reporter: sealing the well is just one task at hand, the other is the investigation which took a crucial step over the weekend. bp crews hoisted the failed blowout preventer, a 300-ton 50-foot-tall piece of evidence, now headed to a nasa facility in louisiana for analysis. >> knowing we have this failed piece back on surface and the investigation moving forward, everybody is going to understand what has taken place. >> reporter: marvin morrison, bp's well site leader, says finding answers helps honor the 11 men who died. >> they deserve this. they deserve this. we need to find out not only for them and their memories but for the industry because i know they would want it no other way. >> reporter: a hope for answers to the tragedy that's also shared by many along this
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battered gulf coast. >> fbi agents monitored the preventer's rise from the gulf and will escort it to the nasa facili facility. as the east coast enjoys a beautiful labor day weekend, the worst blow earl dealt was to businesses in new england. it only grazed much of the eastern seaboard but caused travelers to rethink their holiday plans. heavy winds and rain dumped on north carolina and massachusetts but caused relatively little damage will. earl is however blamed for a death in nova scotia. forecasters are now turning their attention to the gulf of mexico where tropical storm her mean is churning. it's setting its sights on northeastern mexico and southern texas, could make landfall as early as tonight. heavy rains and flooded are expected in the area. tom joins us with the latest. tell us more about hermean.
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>> not here. it won't affect us. certainly south texas. they need rain but not a ton at once. i'll show you the latest coming up. here, we are basking in the glory of yet another spectacular september day. there is the live view from our sky watcher camera northwest washington's neighborhoods around american university park in the foreground. off in the middle distance is arlington and beyond that fairfax and loudon counties to the right of the screen. 77 at national airport where the summer goes down on the record books as the hottest summer on record in washington, the summer of 2010. boy, don't we know it. well will, right now it's certainly pleasant, temperatures in the 70s from the shenandoah valley all the way to the atlantic beaches and this morning around the blue ridge and san dough area valley it dipped into the upper and mid-40s this morning. locally down into the low and mid-50s in the nearby suburbs and rural areas. national airport bottomed out into the low 60s. now in the 70s, low humidity.
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a terrific day. look out at the mountains, still only in the 60s after they started out this morning only around 40 degrees. the coolest morning of the season so far. thanks to a large area of high pressure up and down the atlantic seaboard bringing us this dry weather, it will be in place for the next couple of days. meanwhile, out in the tropical atlantic, this is the remnant of tropical storm gaston that may become another storm again and it may become a named cyclone once again. this is hermean way out in the western gulf of mexico. winds now up to about 50 miles an hour. you can see it's getting better organized. there is a huge cluster of heavy rain beginning to drift off to the north. these are the latest statistics. it has peak winds around 50 miles an hour and the pressure's dropping, moving north-northwest at 11. on this track, it will will take it right up along the texas coast just south of brownsville coming inland there, then moving
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up toward san antonio and west texas and north central texas by the next couple of days making landfall perhaps around midnight tonight. but a lot of heavy rain, not much wind for them. for us we've got this large area of high pressure in and a weak area of low pressure with rain around the great lakes. that will pass to the north. this high pressure over the next 48 hours, futurecast showing it drift and beginning to dissipate. another low moves through the great lakes, that front coming through our region during the day wednesday, bringing some clouds and behind that front we'll have another area of some cool, dry weather to finish off the week. so far this labor day, enjoy the low humidity and the sunshine, temperatures will be peaking in the mid-80s here in the next few hours. just a delightful afternoon and great weather for the maryland/navy game in baltimore, 4:00 kickoff time. should still be in the 80s with low humidity. the other big game at fedex field is the hokies and boise
11:22 am
state. by kickoff time at 8:00, should be in the upper 70s, mostly clear sky. a great night for football. after that, we'll cool down and by dawn tomorrow, back to work and school with temperatures near 60 degrees. then during the day tuesday it will heat up by the afternoon into the upper 80ss with lots of sunshine, still not too humid. wednesday, maybe a few clouds around as the front comes through. really not much of a chance of rain. we certainly could use some mere. highs reefing near 90. after the front goes by, cooler weather back in for the end of the week. thursday morning, 50s, afternoon highs with sunshine into the 70s, and more of the same on friday. finally, we do get a chance for much-needed rain, unfortunately on a weekend, saturday and sunday we have the chance, maybe saturday evening and early sunday morning. not all weekend but just a period of time late on saturday into early sunday is the way it looks right now. i'll be back with another update coming up. >> thanks so much tom. let's check on the midday traffic. steve joins us with the latest.
11:23 am
>> here we are, very light volume of traffic between fairfax count country and montgomery county across the legion bridge in both directions. pretty much typical of how the entire beltway looks, light volume, no delays or work zones because of the labor day holiday. heading back from town or leaving town by way of i-95, we're watching springfield here as we usually do and still very good, southbound 95 leaving springfield on the right, moving without delay even though the had ov lanes are still northbound as they will continue to do for the afternoon rush, the hov restrictions suspended today because of the holiday on 95, 395, 66, the toll road and i-270 in maryland. back to you. 11:23 is your time now, 83 degrees. still ahead on "news4 midday," craigslist's section is blocked. is it pormt permanent? money problems can make you sick. the new research that looked at
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the health problems of people going through foreclosure suffered through. and it is a good day to go sh shopping. there are deals to be found. here's a look at what's hot on with my friends we'll do almost anything.
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this is unlikely to start the season opener. th haynesworth was on the field for all but six plays in washington's final preseason game in arizona, which is very unusual for a veteran player. meanwhile, redskins fans can expect to see convict van mcnabb under center for the season opener. the new quarterback has not been able to practice because of a high ankle sprain. coach mike shanahan says he feels very good about mcnabb's status and he could begin practicing again sometime this week. local college football fans have a lot to look forward to today. two big games are headlining the labor day holiday. first the terps take on navy this afternoon at 4:00 in baltimore. and then virginia tech heads to fedex field for one of the most anticipated matchups of college football's kick off, the hokies
11:28 am
play boise state, the biggest nonbcs power house in the country. 11:28 is the time now, 81 degrees. coming up in the next half hour of "news4 midday," a troubling trend on a local college campus. students are being target and they see sigh very clear pattern. plus, advice for those who will be driving tomorrow, a day nicknamed terrible traffic tuesday. tom keer ron c doubleeat, dtoda
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right now on news4 middle day. the maryland attorney general is looking into allegations of voter fraud in prince george's county. some officials say someone is trying to intentionally mislead voters by sending out incomplete 26 district ballots. plan ahead if you are riding red line. glen mont, wheaton, forest glen, silver spring and tacoma stops are closed for track work of the the transit agency says work is on pace to reopen the closed metro stations tomorrow morning. it is back to school and work tomorrow. many virginia students like those in fairfax county begin school the day after labor day. aaa has nicknamed the day terrible traffic tuesday, the day each year when the summer traffic pattern officiwe ends a commuters and schoolchildren combine to clog the roads.
11:32 am
the travel organization says that can make for one grueling commute. experts say pack patience and try to use mass transportation to stay out of the traffic mess. oh, yeah, it is going to be a busy day, tom. but it will be a nice morning to be at the bus stop. >> thankfully we'll have good weather because we're going to get many, many back to school for the first time in virginia as well as all the students returning in maryland. as we take a look now, just enjoy this wonderful labor day, the final day of vacation for many. there is the blue sky over our region now, live view from the sky watcher camera, now in the 70ss and comfortably dry, not much humidity. just perfect for outdoor recreation and relaxation. and we'll have it climb into the low to mid-80s by midafternoon with bright sunshine and low humidity. overnight, should be clear, 70s by evening. by dawn tomorrow, near 60. a fresh and cool start to tuesday, and back to work and school tomorrow. we'll be heating up by the afternoon to the mid to upper
11:33 am
80s, lots of sunshine, not too humid as well as wednesday, a weak front coming through with a few clouds wednesday midday and reaching upper 80ss to near 90 before the front arrives. after the front, cooling down thursday, 50s in the morning, afternoon highs in the 70ss with sunshine and more of the same on friday. much-needed rain is on tap for the weekend. we could use some. maybe saturday afternoon and evening into early will sunday morning is the timing right now for a chance for a passing shower. that's the way it looks. i'm back with another update in a few minutes. if you're in denial that summer is almost over, here is another heart breaker. today is the last day for soaking up the rays and splashing around at many of d.c.'s pools. five pools across the district will officially shut their doors for the season today. they're listed on your screen right now. many of the outdoor pools closed two weeks ago. for those of you who can't stay away from the water, though, the francis pool in northwest will be open for another week and the east potomac pool in southwest until october 17th.
11:34 am
flight attendant steven slater's dramatic exit from an airplane was his last with jetblue. the airlineounced slater no longer works for the company. last month slater gained national attention after hitting the plane's emergency chute and sliding out with two beers in hand. he said he got frustrated after a passenger hit him with with luggage and refused to apologize. slater faces criminal charges, including criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. one more check on the midday traffic. steve joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning, eun. we'll look at kensington, maryland. it is labor day and there are parades. this is northbound connecticut avenue where all traffic is being taken off the northbound side of connecticut avenue and sharing the southbound side just ahead of this camera shot just for the labor day parade. looks like that will be in effect until about noon. here we are at the bay bridge right now. looks pretty good getting across the bridge in both directions but east of the bay bridge starting to see some slow
11:35 am
traffic now on route 404 approaching 50. nothing too unusual there as a ride back to town really begins. but over in springfield right now we're still good, north and southbound on i-95 the hov lanes are helpi ining heading into to. it will stay that way during the day, through the afternoon, quote unquote rush hour as well. northbound hovs all day long, no delays right now. as the bars let out in college park and students made their way home, some were being attacked, robbed and even beaten. it's happened twice in the past week and four times since school started. now police are looking into potential connections between the attacks. new news4's darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: a university of maryland students was attacked by a group of four men here near the intersection of princeton avenue and college park about 2:00 saturday morning. the robbers took the money out of the man's wallet and left him injured on the ground just a few blocks from campus.
11:36 am
>> very scary. very thankful that i've never been approached by anyone or any of my friends, thank god. but i don't know what i would do. pretty terrifying. >> reporter: this was the latest in a series of offcampus robberies involving victims who are university of maryland students. police are not sure if they're linked. >> since school has started back at the university of maryland we've actually had four incidents where victims have been robbed, either late in the evening hours or early morning hours. and each of the cases we haven't had definitive information that links them all together yet. >> reporter: police are warning students they're most likely to become a victim during a two-hour span what they call crime time. they want students to be alert and travel in groups. >> crime time is the point between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. where an individual is most likely to be target as a victim of crime. >> reporter: last weekend three students were attacked, one of them robbed while waiting for a
11:37 am
campus shuttle. many are aware of the crimes on and around campus and are taking precautions. >> yeah, we do take precautions. i live with one other guy and three girls so we have to be more careful because we have girls in the house. so we're really careful about locking up the doors. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4 today." >> in the latest robbery, the victim waited more than 12 hours to report the crime. police say it is important for victims to come forward right away with a description of their attacker. so they can canvass the area and have a better chance of catching the suspects. d.c. police are investigating a triple shooting that left three people in the hospital, including two teenage girls. witnesses told detectives a large crowd was gathered around 53rdor street in northeast around 7:00 last night when they heard gunshots. bullets hit the two girls along with a man. police say one victim has life threatening injuries. so far authorities have not made any arrests. this morning firefighters are still trying to figure out what sparked a house fire in
11:38 am
northeast washington. it started early yesterday morning at a home on minnesota avenue. from this cell phone video here, you can see a huge orange ball of flames. crews say this fire was so intense the roof and porch collapsed. the home is a total loss. fortunately the homeowners were with on vacation and no one was hurt. craigslist users may notice something is missing from the popular web site. it is the controversial adult services page. nbc's jeff rossen explains on the major -- reports on the major change that law enforcement officials have been asking for. >> reporter: nestled among the ads for real estate, antiques and jobs, there's the other side of craigslist, the highly controversial adult services section, including in some cases thinly veiled offers of prostitution. suddenly over the weekend the adult services link was removed and replaced with this, censored, a little black box that leads you nowhere. >> we are thankful that
11:39 am
craigslist has shut down its adult services section, and we believe that that act really lessens the suffering of so many girls who are being sold for sex. >> reporter: the web site operates around the world, but the link is only blocked in the u.s. craigslist won't say if this is permanent, temporary or simply a message to its critics of which there are mr. just last month attorneys general in 17 states wrote a joint letter to craigslist demanding they remove the adult services section. >> craigslist is operating an online red light district as obvious and in plain view as times square was back in the 1970s or '80sss. >> reporter: the web site came under heavy scrutiny after the arrest of phillip mark off, the alleged craigslist killer. mark hof was charged with murdering julissa brisman. he later killed himself in jail. craigslist vowed to crack down on sex ads but earlier this year
11:40 am
our nbc news hidden camera investigation still found many women on craigslist offering prostitution. >> craigslist has to be held accountable. it it's making tens of millions of dollars from these kinds of ads which is outrageous. >> reporter: in fact, a new report finds craigslist makes millions on those adult service ads. $36 million this year alone, triple what it made last year. >> i do hope that this has been shut down and is not a game of semantics. >> reporter: jeff rossen, nbc news, new york. in news for your health today, a new study shows smoking bans prevent children or protect children from second hand smoke. researchers at the harvard school of public health analyze levels for the study, a byproduct of nicotine and a common indicator of secondhand smoke exposure. children living in areas of bans
11:41 am
had 39% lower levels. maryland, virginia and washington, d.c. each have smoking bans. foreclosures, bad for your wallet and now hurting your health. researchers in california found the stress of losing your home can make you physically ill and in some cases even shorten your life. vicky nguyen has more. >> reporter: chanting from a foreclosure hot spot, people in east and west oakland calling attention to the scientific data backing what they've known all along. >> we're in a fight. we're in a fight for our lives. >> reporter: researchers surveyed nearly 400 people who live in two oakland neighborhoods. they found that a third of those who live in foreclosed properties are dealing with unhealthy living conditions such as mold and that people in these areas die on average ten years sooner. >> the rates of stress, dmegs and anxiety are two times higher. >> my kitchen is like a river. as soon as you put the water on
11:42 am
it leaks. >> reporter: this renter says he never knew his landlord was in foreclosure until a realtor showed up. he says his calls to the new owner of the home, deutsche bank, are ignored. >> i've been very stressed. my stomach is in knots. i've had to go to the hospital because of the issues. >> reporter: housing advocacy group and alameda public health department say the link between forechose closures and sickness is eroding neighborhoods decades old. >> this will leave a legacy of poor health, of stress, of increased violence, and despair. >> reporter: they hope the results of this report will spur change soon. >> that was vicky nguyen reporting. health leaders say the next step is working to change laws such as prohibiting companies from automatically shutting off utilities and mandatory arbitration. a nurse is cherishing her time with with one special patient. last week a man with terminal
11:43 am
cancer was admitted to her hospital the same name as her estranged father. little did she know it actually was her father. wanda rodriguez described the emotional reunion this morning on the "today" show. >> i just asked him shortly after i elwelcomed him if he ha any children. he said, i have a daughter named geina and a daughter named wand. the minute he said that, i just burst into tears and ran out of the room. i came back in after i was a little more calmer, walked right back into the room and looked at him and i said, hi, i'm wanda. i'm your daughter. and he looked at me and he said, i know. i know you're my daughter. he said, i knew that when you walked out of the room. i said, that's my daughter. >> wanda rodriguez hadn't seen her daughter her father in more than 40 years. her parents separated when she was a baby. now her own children are bonding
11:44 am
with their grandfather. amazing story. 11:44 is the time now, 78 degrees. still ahead on new"news4 midda, you may not need an oil change as often as you think you do. plus, neighbors helping neighbors. a web site matching up people who do not mind lending a helping hand. stay with us. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. >> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." you may want to set aside
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time to go car shopping. according to kelly blue book, labor day is usually when dealerships try to clear lots and make way for newer models. some are offering zero percent interest rates and others have cash incentives. those all depend on your credit and what type of car you buy. some auto experts want to help you save money and the environment. one old rule of thumb urged you to change your car's oil every 3,000 miles. but not anymore. experts say that's wasteful. >> reporter: when it comes to changing the oil in our cars, many if not most of us are like this guy. >> i change my oil every 3,000 just to make sure it's running tiptop. >> reporter: but based on new research analysts at the reexpected automotive research firm now say overly frequent oil changes are wasteful. >> the upshot is you could end up changing your oil three times more often than you need to and spending over the course of five years over $1,000 in unnecessary
11:48 am
oil changes. >> reporter: instead of every 3,000, they say double it at the very least and your local mechanic will probably agree. >> changing your oil every 3,000 miles is overdoing it. >> the quality of oil has improved so much in recent decades, and not to mention the technology of vehicles to monitor the oil condition has also improved. >> reporter: edmonds sent to a laboratory for analysis oil from a car already 7,000 miles. >> they said, yeah, this is probably good for another 2,000 miles of oil life. >> reporter: some car manufacturers go so far as to recommend oil changes every 20,000 miles, which edmonds research doesn't dispute. chris clackas, nbc news. >> mechanics and other automotive experts also say you can justify longer waits in between oil changes if uz you
11:49 am
use a more expensive synthetic oil. you can make money online right in your own home. elizabeth is the editor in chief of women's day magazine and on the "today" show this morning she talked about the different ways available to cash in. >> basically, for $5 you can get paid to do any number of things like leaving a crazy message on an answer ing machine. it's great if you're good at poet poetry. somebody can pay you $5. $4 you keep, $1 goes to the site. really fun. >> here is another one a little more serious tone, though. what about nursing, on-call nursing online. >> on-call nursing is huge. when you think about it, when you call your doctor's office, nine times out of ten the person you'll get is probably from a company like phone you definitely need three years clinical experience. these sites are serious. you really need the credentials. you need to be licensed in the area of which you're receiving the call. but you can make up to $27 an hour and these companies offer benefits. so they're real jobs.
11:50 am
>> people can also make money by writing and editing associated is paying $15 to $100 for writing an article. 11:50 is the time, 81 degrees. coming up -- is there a mistake on the new oval office rug? for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." there could be some controversy brewing over a rug. you may remember the oval office underwent a makeover while president barack obama was on vacation. now some are saying the fancy rug with quotes has an error. one of the quotes reads, the arc of the moral krufrs is long but it bends toward justice. it is a tribute to dr. martin luther king. but "the washington post" discovered it was actually said by theodore parker, the minister said, i do not pretend to understand the moral universe, the arc is a long one and from what i see i am sure it bends towards justice. the white house says king used the phrase on september 2, 1957, and parker's quote is slightly different. milk elma kell salahi is refusing she's taking it all off
11:54 am
for "playboy." >> in the meantime, she is auctioning off the dress she wore to the state dinner last year with her husband tarek. it's estimated to go for at least $2,000, 80% of the proceeds will go to the clinton/bush haiti fund. for all of us dusting off those do it yourself manuals in this tough economy, heche it on the way from a growing group of good neighbors. nbc's lee cowan reports on some helping hands making a difference across the country. >> reporter: no matter how new a home is, it's always a work in progress. it's the one problem every neighbor has in common. >> he's the muscle. >> reporter: manny needed help building some new front steps. jeremy needed help refinishing his garage. >> ah, this is great, guys. >> reporter: and amy needed help moving an old freezer.
11:55 am
>> there has been a loss of sense of community, people just helping each other out. it's a real need idea. >> reporter: that idea is dave, a handyman's social networking site. >> this is facebook with productivist involved. >> reporter: the site connects neighbors coast to coast who need help with odd jobs. >> in these economic times, homeowners want to save, contractors have problems hustling to find new business. this is like hand in glove. >> reporter: but its creators say dave zillion is about something more. >> i don't think it it's all about the money. i think it's about communities building communities again. >> reporter: ed helped jeremy with his garage because jeremy helped ed with a new roof. >> we should have thought of it sooner. >> reporter: keith is helping chris with the freezer because chris helped him build a railing. >> the idea is so simple. you're just lending a hand. >> reporter: what makes dave zillion so special, of course, is dave.
11:56 am
nobody who's ever taken advantage of this web site has ever met this perfect connecticut neighbor and sadly never will. dave is dave siegel, just a regular guy, a family man who was everyone's handyman until i died of a heart attack at only 43. >> he was a guy who brought a neighborhood together and really helped you get things done. >> reporter: since there are a zillion people who needed dave, dave zillion stuck, a name and an idea. a smaller version perhaps of a good old-fashioned barn raising. good fences may make good neighbors, but maybe just helping sweep a porch does the same thing. >> thanks a lot, greg. >> reporter: lee cowan, nbc news, hartford. >> wow. what a great concept, neighbors helping neighbors, goes back to old times. let's get a check on the forecast. nice day to do anything outdoors. >> right. outdoor relaxation or recreation. events going on, the big
11:57 am
football games this afternoon and tonight. great weather, look at that beautiful blue sky, a few puffy clouds floating through. there's friendship heights in the distance and beyond that is downtown bethesda and montgomery county. right now we're in the 70s. it will hid the low and mid-80s this afternoon. a great labor day, enjoy. back to work and school on tuesday with highs reaching upper 80ss after a school start in the morning, lots of sun, partly cloudy wednesday, near 90, cooler weather thursday, end of the week and maybe rain for the weekend. we'll see you tomorrow morning as you get back to work and school. we start bright and early at 4:30. >> thank you, tom. a little walk in the woods turned into a harrowing ordeal for a 78 year old french woman. michelle who suffers from always hiemers spent a week at the bottom of a ditch after falling on her walk. she was only dressed in a light jacket and had nothing to eat except for two cookies she had stuffed into her pocket before she left. she is fine and is recovering in
11:58 am
a hospital. she says she wasn't afraid, but she was concerned that her children and grandchildren were worried about her and we're sure they were. we're glad she made it out safely. happy ending. that's "news4 midday" for today. thanks for joining us this labor day. be sure to tune into "news4 at 4":00, 5:00, and 6:00 for all the day's
11:59 am

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